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Shared Visions is a training and organizational effectiveness company leading organizational evolution across Canada. We help organizations like yours identify the obstacles, behaviours, and unproductive patterns that are standing in the way of achieving full potential. Let our dialogue based consulting and training methodologies help propel you to your next stage of evolution.

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Speaking the Unspeakable

The following article was first published on March 22, 2006. A couple of decades ago, I started a long and painful battle of trying to help save American manufacturing. In a quest to find out what needed to change in the good old U. S. of A. where companies were routinely losing jobs and market share, I interviewed hundreds of managers and … [Read More...]

The Four Ways You’re Being Manipulated (and How to Stop It)

The following article was first published on May 5, 2015. You and I are shockingly easy to manipulate. Decades of social science experiments show that we can be induced to donate or steal, stand for justice or proliferate racism, vote or stay home, torture or pity. It’s time we stopped reading social science for fascinating facts about humans … [Read More...]

Vital Behaviors for Entrepreneurs

Dear Crucial Skills, In reading Influencer, it’s clear the process starts with identifying the vital behaviors that drive the change you’re looking for. Having access to data that has pre-identified the correct vital behaviors for a given problem is of great use. My challenge is to grow my sales very quickly. I am a one-man manufacturer’s rep … [Read More...]

No Time for Dialogue

The following article was first published on September 12, 2007. Dear Crucial Skills, I am a first-line supervisor at a hospital and was fortunate enough to attend a Crucial Conversations training. I enjoyed it thoroughly and got some good tips on dealing with crucial conversations. The problem we run into in the hospital is that we do not … [Read More...]


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