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Shared Visions is a training and organizational effectiveness company leading organizational evolution across Canada. We help organizations like yours identify the obstacles, behaviours, and unproductive patterns that are standing in the way of achieving full potential. Let our dialogue based consulting and training methodologies help propel you to your next stage of evolution.

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Being Micromanaged

The following article was originally published on September 8, 2004. Dear Crucial Skills, My boss has started micromanaging me. She constantly asks me for updates. One morning, by 10 o’clock, I had already received ten e-mail messages from her and it took me an hour and a half just to reply to her requests for updates! To add to things, she’s … [Read More...]

Verbal Violence: Is There Room for It in the Workplace?

One day, during a particularly boring stretch at church, I leaned back and noticed, for the first time, the laminated beams supporting the chapel’s roof. The beams reminded me of my summer job after my freshman year of college when I worked at a plant that made (any guesses?) laminated beams. I didn’t really earn that job; I sort of cheated my … [Read More...]

Influencing Good Study Habits

Dear Steve, My son is twelve going on thirteen and is in the seventh grade. I understand seventh grade is a difficult adjustment, however he simply refuses to do his classwork and homework. He has been tested for learning disabilities as well as emotional problems, but was declared a bright and healthy young teen—both emotionally and physically. … [Read More...]

Recovering from a Ruined Reputation

Dear Crucial Skills, I am the victim of a character assassination at work. I have been at my current workplace for ten years. A new colleague seems to be jealous of my successes and has started spreading stories, gossip, and rumors, stating that I am a difficult colleague to work with. At work, I am direct in my comments, and as a woman, I am … [Read More...]


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