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Shared Visions is a training and organizational effectiveness company leading organizational evolution across Canada. We help organizations like yours identify the obstacles, behaviours, and unproductive patterns that are standing in the way of achieving full potential. Let our dialogue based consulting and training methodologies help propel you to your next stage of evolution.

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Verbal Violence: Creating a New Normal

One day, while waiting at the airport for a flight home, I watched an older fellow tear into a gate agent for not putting him and his wife on the next plane (it had been overbooked). At first, the airline employee maintained her composure, but after being verbally attacked for what seemed like ten minutes, she began making threats of her own. … [Read More...]

Recovering From Childhood Stereotypes

Dear Crucial Skills, I’ve learned much about interacting with people through my career experiences and training—including some of your training—as an engineering project manager. I have been quite successful at putting these skills into effect, and have even taught some of them to my kids. However, I have had very little success in applying the … [Read More...]

Breaking Through the Status Quo

Dear Crucial Skills, How do you respond to someone who states, “But we’ve always done it this way,” as a response to change? My experience tells me that it’s a comfort-level response that says, “I really don’t understand what you are suggesting.” Progress is crucial for success but when the people who drive progress don’t understand new ideas or … [Read More...]

Caught in the Cross Fire

Dear Crucial Skills, I have a great family that I love. Individually, I have rewarding relationships with my father, my mother, and my sister. But put the three of them together in a room and the results are explosive. Things seemed to come to a head this year when my sister spent the entirety of Mother’s Day with her boyfriend and his family, … [Read More...]


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